Food Retail Chain “Spar”

partner_10In 1999 our Company entered the food retail market. We acquired and reconstructed a number of food retail shops: Sormovsky (1999), Malinovaya Gryada (2000), Nyam-Nyam (2002) and built a new supermarket Eurospar at the Shopping and Entertainment Complex Gold Mile (2006 г.). After the reconstruction these food retail shops have been working under the «SPAR» brand:

  • «EUROSPAR» in SEC Gold Mile.
  • «EUROSPAR» in Retail Hypermarket Sormovsky Universam.
  • «EUROSPAR»at 7/21, Shtemenko St.
  • «SPAR» in SC Malinovaya Gryada.

Official site of Food Retain Network “SPAR” :